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Weekly Maintenance

sand carpet brushing
weekly brushing 

Fine Turf Services can aid and assist the synthetic surface manager with help and advice on maintaining a synthetic pitch.

This might be through a contracted regular service agreement, by helping to identify equipment that can be used by clients to undertake their own frequent in-house maintenance, or by contracting works on a specialist basis as required.

Weekly works may consist of:

  • Litter Picking
  • Safety Inspections
  • Service Works to Fencing & Equipment
  • Drag Brushing
  • Drag Matting
  • Infill Distribution

Fine Turf Services also offer a range of equipment for self-hire that can be used in-house to reduce contracting costs. Please visit our 'Self Hire' page for more details, or you can visit our 'Gallery' page to see some of our equipment in action.