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Golf Course Renovations

Fine Turf Services offer a wide range of renovations to the highest standards to aid and assist golf course managers. With experienced personnel operating up-to-date machinery we are committed to maximising the health and conditions required for today's golf courses.

Works undertaken may be associated with golf greens, golf tees and fairways, and with close working links to highly reputable contractors we are able to offer a wide range of remodelling or remedial construction work.

Koro FTM
 Our new Koro Field TopMaker in action

We are committed to ensuring we can always offer the most up-to-date and effective equipment, and due to this we have recently added a Koro Field Top Maker to our range of machinery, which is fitted with a scarification rotor. The impressive work rate of this machine has allowed us to deep scarify 18 greens, the putting green and clean up in one pass and all in under eight hours. This means we can keep golfers happy by having them back on the greens in no time.

With an ever-growing satisfied client list we offer a high class service consisting of:

  • Greens Verti Draining
  • Air2g2 (Air Injection)
  • Toro Workman with Dakota Top Dresser
  • Fairways Verti Draining
  • Earthquake Aeration
  • Hollow Tine Aeration
  • Core Collecting
  • Solid Tine Surface Aeration
  • Greens Scarification
  • Fairways Scarification
  • Top Dressing
  • Overseeding Works
  • Remedial Works
  • Primary Drainage Works
  • Secondary Drainage
  • Pathway Constructions

Fine Turf Services also operates a self hire range of machinery to help aid today's sports turf managers as well as professional help, advice and support information.