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Machinery Hire

Fine Turf Services offers a wide range of specialised machinery for hire to the sports turf manager, covering both self-hire and complete with operator.

Full range of items and hire prices are available on request.

  Daily Rate Weekly Rate
Turf Cutter, 12” Brouwer    £80 £280
Turf Cutter, 12” / 18” Ryan Junior  £80 £280
Blec Stone Burier £POA £POA
Bolens Horse Pedestrian Rotavotor £75 £250
Wacker Plate £30 £100


Scarifiers Daily Rate Weekly Rate
Sisis Auto-Rotarake Pedestrian   £90 £315
Ransomes 214 Tractor Mounted £180 £630


Hollow Corers Daily Rate Weekly Rate
Groundsman Pedestrian    £100 £350
Multi-Core Tractor Mounted c/w Operator   £POA £POA
Cushman Core Harvester c/w Operator  £POA £POA
Charterhouse Pedestrian Core Harvester £150 £525


Verti-Drain / Slitting Daily Rate Weekly Rate
1.6m Tractor Mounted c/w Operator     £POA £POA
2.5m Tractor Mounted c/w Operator   £POA £POA
2.6m Tractor Mounted c/w Operator (2 available) £POA £POA
1.5m Imants Shockwave  £220 £770
2m Blec Groundbreaker & Sand Bander £POA £POA


Seeding Daily Rate Weekly Rate
1.2m Blec Star Seeder     £185 £650
1m Charterhouse VertiSeeder   £200 £700
2m Vredo Disc Seeder £200 £700


Top Dressing / Sand Spreading Daily Rate Daily Rate
Metermatic Pedetrian    £120 £420
Long Equip Trailed Drop Spreader   £150 £525
Bredal Trailed Spin Spreader (5t) £POA £POA


Sweepers & Blowers Daily Rate Weekly Rate
Trilo SG400 Trailed Vacuum Collector  £200 £650
Trilo SU40B Trailed Truck Loader  £100 £350
Agrimetal Mounted Blower £100 £350