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Lancashire Brushing In Action

Published Sep 6, 2010

At Fine Turf Services we not only carry out contracted works for clients, but are also able to advise and supply a range of small maintenance products to aid our customer's in-house operations.

One such product which is seen to be multi-functional across both fine turf and synthetics is the fine turf easy brush. This was originally designed for use on synthetic pitches where in-house staff may brush small pitches on a regular basis without the need for mechanical equipment. However, having spoken with clients across cricket and bowls alike they were keen to utilise this product for regular brushing prior to the mowing of the surface as well as brushing light top dressings.

Lancashire County Cricket Club were keen to try this product prior to wicket preparation for their final season match and found that this helped lift the lower grass stems before the regular continued mowing of the wicket.

For more information or advice on whether this product may be suitable for you please call us on 07818 040565.